Transistor simply dominates. Its addictive and juicy gameplay, soundtrack, and art made my jaw literally drop within the first 20 minutes of playing. The strategic action of the game is completely original and fully-realized, which left me star-struck at the brilliance of the entire package. On a minor hindrance, while the story itself is simple yet satisfying, Transistor could have benefited from a more complete “3 Act” story. It felt like there was a few missed opportunites here and there, but nonetheless, every part of the game was fun and thoughtful. If you haven’t played Transistor, buy this masterpiece right now. [9.5/10] 

Don’t let some arbitrary tool give you false ideas of what you can accomplish. It is your duty, as an artist & creator, to master your trade and be able to say ‘what can I do with this?’ instead of ‘what can this do for me?’ Only then are you justified in being selective with your weapon of choice. A man can make a tool great, but the tool doesn’t make a great man.
Me (Nick Lee)


Simple but elegant is what Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is. Brothers is an emotional ride of laughs, smiles, and tears that could only exist with the simple twist on familiar cooperative puzzle-mechanics that drives the game. While the story is well-told, captivating, and relatable, it is in fact short, and can detract from the number and difficulty of puzzles, which is most noticeable during the second climactic act of the game. However, the creativity and player immersion still holds strong in every small detail, which is why Brothers is nothing short of brilliant and heart-felt.

8.5/10 “Wow”