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The Banner Saga — Pretty doesn’t cut it (Steam Review)

Sure the art is great, and the story is ok, but the gameplay is extremely underwhelming, boring, and unbalanced. Everything ties into a single gameplay mechanic called Morale, which honestly doesn’t do much. You can play almost the entire game without resting, feeding your caravan, and winning any battles. There is absolutely no challenge and no balance. What’s the point to even playing? I played this hoping it would be an epic revisit to games like Oregon Trail, but it’s just utterly stale. And talk about pricey too. $20 for 9 hours of mindless pit-stops and redundant strategy is not worth it. Every hour I spent in this game, the more disappointed I became. This could have easily been great, if only the developers knew some basic fundamentals of game design, instead of trying to make everything look pretty.

5 out of 10


Hey guys! 5 of my classmate friends entered CTN Expo’s 24 Hour Animation contest, and won first place with this animation!

They worked for 24 straight hours with no sleep to produce this great thing, and I am very proud of them! They won $1000 scholarships and passes to CTN Expo, so wow nice job guys.

Here’s their blogs:

Anyway their animation is great and you should watch it w/your face